5 simple ways to keep the Stainless Steel Appliances in your kitchen shining like brand new

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5 Ways to keep your Stainless Steel Appliance shining like new

When we first came to US, it was a task figuring out what products to use to clean appliances with. Stainless Steel was a special challenge. I was pretty much spoiled for housework, given the dependence I had on multitude of helping hands that we always had around us. New to housework, I spent a lot of time trying to find products that would make the already cumbersome work a little easy for me.

Over the years I went through a plethora of products. Finally I found a few simple but  effective ways to keep the Stainless Steel (referred to as SS hereafter) appliances in my kitchen shining like brand new.

1)      Soft Microfiber cloth: You can find these at dollar stores for 99 cents. Wipe off light dust with these dry clothes. They pick up dirt and grime better than anything else and are easy on the metals, preventing scratch formation.

2)      Weiman Stainless Steel Wipes: Weiman SS wipes are a high-quality, non-abrasive cleaner that is specially formulated for stainless steel. These will save you time, lots of energy and give fantastic results to boot. Superbly easy to use, simply take a wipe and start wiping in the direction of the natural metal grain to clean microscopic grooves where dust and dirt get trapped. Buff with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth and your SS will shine like brand new.

3)      The area around the burners can get burn stains that can be extremely tough to clean. Easy Off Stove top cleaner or Easy Off Fume Free Blue works wonders here. I prefer the latter as it also doubles up as the best over cleaner that I have used. Spray it on tough spots and leave for half hour and wipe away with paper towel. Repeat for stains left behind. For some spots, you might need to leave it overnight. The best part is, it is really fume free, so you won’t be inhaling toxic fumes other cleaners emit that leave you coughing and irritated.

4)      Never use harsh chemicals like chlorine or bleach, scouring pads or brushes because they will damage the protective coating of your SS appliance.clean Stainless Steel

5)      For your stainless steel sink, use a solution of soda bi carb and vinegar mixed with water. For rust stains, use full strength vinegar or better still, alcohol.