One Word that will give you squeaky clean pans in the Kitchen


Yes, that’s the word. Don’t believe me? I don’t blame you, but believe you me; I am telling you the truth. This one word will make washing those yucky mucky burnt out pans so easy, that you will thank me, and thank the man ( yes, it was a man) even more who invented this.

S.O.S soap pads, clean saucepans

Clean your saucepans in minutes



The S.O.S soap pads are really an answer to most of our distressed pots and pans in the kitchen. They come in a variety of sizes. For about $2 a packet, you get 12 soap suds that will shine your burnt out pan in minutes, that too without any extra muscular exercise on your part.

S.O.S soap pads 


Invented by an ingenious salesman named Ed Cox way back in 1917, the pre-soaped pads were named S.O.S – “Save our Saucepans”, a fitting tribute to the most famous acronym of all time: Morse S.O.S –  that responds to “Save Our Ships”.

To clean, follow these simple steps:


Clean saucepan, clean pan

1. Wash pan with water


Scrub the pan lightly with the pre soaped pad

Clean thoroughly, taking care to go over tough stains (you don't need to apply pressure).


Rinse well, and dry the pan. It's as good as new now!

Time for the pan to show off its new shine

To Store the pad for reuse (you can reuse it a number of times if stored properly):

S.O.S soap pads

Wash the pad lightly


S.O.S soap pads

Dry with a kitchen towel

Store in a cool, dry place. I store it in a specially designed scrub holding cabinet under my sink.

While I won’t be earning any money if you do decide to buy these (I wish I did), but, it will still make me very happy if this helps reduce your slog over the kitchen sink. Happy Cleaning!!

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