Eggplant Floats in bengal spice curry


 spicy eggplant float


Saturday, whole day, we shopped for back to school clothing. Hubs and I always argue on what size to buy for boys. I like kids clothes to be a little big, he insists on getting the right fit. Add to it the opinions of two quite vociferous boys who have suddenly acquired ‘taste’, and you have a four-way argument on selection of clothes. Fabulous.

Meaning we often walked out of stores without buying ANYTHING. Hours of shop hopping and a handful of clothes later, we were ravenous. We proceeded to Wrentham Mall’s Foodcourt and found there were hardly any choices. Saturdays we often face a bit of a problem. We are complete vegetarians by choice on Saturdays, which means no meat, not even eggs. We don’t even eat cookies or cakes. That makes it very difficult for us to buy most kind of food. Veg Pizza bases have eggs in them, ice cream have eggs, burgers are seldom made without meat and even Asian fast food joints don’t have much without meat or eggs.


The boys were really hungry, so they made an exception and got cheese and bacon burgers. Hubs and I settled for oily fries and fizz-less soda. Most unsatisfying lunch ever. I won’t even go into the health aspects of it.

By the time we reached home, it was almost dinner time and we were starving. The moment I stepped in, I headed to my refrigerator to raid it. Two Chinese eggplants stared at me from the vegetable basket. With my dependable spice cabinet and a can of Del Monte organic puree sitting on a shelf, I knew what I wanted to make.


Chinese eggplants have thin skin and a delicate flavor, and are perhaps softest and sweetest of all eggplants. I pan roasted them on a cast iron grill and cooked them in a gravy seasoned with ‘paanch-phoron’. Paanch-phoron is a special mix of 5 seasonings: nigella, mustard, fenugreek, cumin and fennel.

Though I used this particular seasoning, this is not a Bengali dish. I used this spice mix to give the eggplants a little pickle taste. Adding of yogurt and tomato puree brings in the texture, and amazing flavors that stick to your mouth long after.

Shallow fry the eggplants on a pan or a grill dill browned


Heat oil

Season with 5 mix spice, fry onions

Add ground spices

add whipped yogurt

Add puree

Fry, add water, then eggplant pieces and cook till done. Finish with cilantro leaves.



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Eggplant Floats in bengal spice curry
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
An original recipe by Minnie@thelady8home
  • 3 Chinese eggplants (the long light purple ones) cut into 3X2" rectangles
  • 1 tsp Paanch phoron ( mixture of mustard, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, nigella seeds in equal quantities)
  • ½ cup tomato puree (I used Del Monte organic tomato paste)
  • ½ cup whipped yogurt
  • 1 tsp red chili powder
  • ½ tsp coriander powder
  • ½ tsp cumin powder
  • ¼ tsp turmeric powder
  • ½ tsp garam masala powder
  • ½ cup fresh cilantro leaves
  • 2 thai green chilies
  • 1 tsp ginger garlic paste
  • 1 large onion chopped fine
  • ¼ cup oil
  • 2 tbsp cream (optional)
  • Pam Spray to roast fry the eggplant
  1. Marinade eggplants with salt, a pinch of turmeric and 1 tsp of oil for 10 minutes
  2. Coat a pan/grill with Pam spray and roast/fry the eggplants till golden brown on both sides and semi soft.
  3. In a deep pan, heat oil and season with 'Paanch phoron'
  4. When the seeds crackle, add onions and fry till golden brown.
  5. Now fry ginger garlic paste
  6. Make a paste of cumin, coriander, turmeric and red chili powder with 1 tbsp water and add to onions.
  7. Once the spice paste is nice and golden, lower the flame and spoon in whipped yogurt
  8. Add tomato puree.
  9. Fry the gravy till oil leaves sides.
  10. Add two cups of warm water.
  11. Bring to a boil, then reduce flame.
  12. Add Thai green chilies and salt to taste.
  13. Gently add the eggplants.
  14. Cover and cook for on low flame till 15 minutes. Do not stir.
  15. Uncover, and garnish with cilantro leaves.
  16. You can also add 2 tbsp of heavy cream (optional)
Serve hot with rice, pita bread, chappati or naan.

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18 comments for “Eggplant Floats in bengal spice curry

  1. August 26, 2012 at 9:43 AM

    Ugh! This reminds me of us a few weeks back! At least, with us, I let the teens find their own clothes and just turn up to pay BUT, if it doesn’t pass my clothes test, I remind them who’s paying!

    I love baingan…anything made with baingan. Of course you know about our famous Baghare baingan…my favourite. These baingan floats look delicious! Quick and easy.

    Nazneen xx
    Nazneen | Coffee and Crumpets recently posted..Ramadan Thumbprint Jam Cookies and Back to RoutineMy Profile

    • August 26, 2012 at 3:10 PM

      Hey Nazneen, good to see you. Hope you had a great Eid 🙂

      It’s probably going to be that way in a few years, and in a way, I probably will be a bit relieved. Till then….

  2. August 26, 2012 at 12:56 PM

    Thse look amazing really tasty but fast and simple. I’m with you on the shopping – if the clothes are a little big it’ll be longer between painful shopping trips. GG
    Glamorous Glutton recently posted..Dublin’s Fair City Where The Avoca Store’s So PrettyMy Profile

    • August 26, 2012 at 3:11 PM

      Nailed it!!!

  3. CCU
    August 26, 2012 at 3:27 PM

    Haha your shopping sounds like a fun experience my friend 😉
    And this dish looks delicious! I love vegetable floats and yours are so flavoursome!

    Choc Chip Uru

    • August 27, 2012 at 4:10 PM

      Thanks Uru 🙂 Yes, you can say that again!

  4. August 26, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    Minnie, this dish sounds so good. I can close my eyes and almost smell the aroma in your house! I have to make this for myself this week. I’ve never made any food rules for myself.
    Maureen | Orgasmic Chef recently posted..Oreo Cookie Gelato and Win an Ice Cream Maker!My Profile

    • August 27, 2012 at 4:10 PM

      Oh please do tell how they came out! I am so excited!!!

  5. August 26, 2012 at 8:16 PM

    This looks divine Minnie! And a million light years away from what you ate for lunch too! 😀 I find it hard to choose things when we’re out shopping at eating at places that don’t have much range.
    Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella recently posted..Porcorosso, WaterlooMy Profile

    • August 27, 2012 at 4:11 PM

      Thank you Lorraine! Lol, you are so right.

  6. August 27, 2012 at 7:32 AM

    What great looking eggplant floats. I love the sound of the curry sauce. Lots of flavour there xx
    Hotly Spiced recently posted..The Dinner PartyMy Profile

    • August 27, 2012 at 4:12 PM

      They truly taste good Charlie. And so easy to make.

  7. Bhaskar
    August 27, 2012 at 9:02 AM

    This looks quite tasty, mouthwatering. 😀 Quite spicy, is it okay for me? Then we can try out today itself.

    • August 27, 2012 at 4:13 PM

      Yes, as long as you don’t deep fry the brinjals, you should be fine. Roast them or even bake them after marination. Good luck, and let me know 😀

  8. August 27, 2012 at 11:25 AM

    The eggplant curry looks delicious. Being completely vegetarian – I can understand the frustration you must have had on the Day. Shopping can be so tiring as well.
    Mina Joshi recently posted..Mutter Paneer with Tikka masalaMy Profile

    • August 27, 2012 at 4:13 PM

      Welcome Mina! It’s awesome to have you here 🙂

  9. August 30, 2012 at 8:20 AM

    That was my day yesterday! and me and my husband have the exact same conversation lol
    I love all the spices in this Minnie, sounds like a wonderful meal especially after the horrible fast food
    Sawsan (Chef in disguise) recently posted..Filled pate a choux swansMy Profile

    • August 30, 2012 at 6:20 PM

      hahahaha! I am sure our husbands will get on like a house on fire!! I do think you will like this dish.

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