Lettuce wrap revisited


Have you watched the new Spider-man movie? It’s called Spider Man – Homecoming. It’s a fresh take on a very old story retold many times over in many different formats. For a change, the character is played by a young actor (Tom Holland) who looks closer to the age Peter Parker probably was when he materialized out of the flowing imagination of Stan Lee and co writer Steve Ditko. But I found introduction of one of the key characters of Spider man saga in this movie very interesting, and pleasantly surprising. I won’t reveal it for you. It’s a great watch. Go for it.

Revisits make you nostalgic. While I think Tom Holland makes for an adorable Spidey, I miss Toby Maguire, the orginal who stole hearts with his baby blue eyes and a vulnerable, yet very strong Peter Parker portrayal.

In a blink, my blog completed five years. It made me nostalgic too. Lately, Facebook has been giving me memories of what I was doing 1, 2 or 5 years ago. Recently, one such memory included Lettuce wrap from my blog. It’s inspired by P.F Chang’s vegetarian version, and it’s as popular at my dining table today as it was five years ago when I first blogged about it.

This blog post was posted within a month of my starting this blog, a journey that has taken me through phases, and has seen me through many tides of life. It’s a journey that I have fallen in love with. It’s now like an old friend. We don’t always meet, greet or talk, but when we do, it’s like we were there together yesterday.

You can find the this delicious recipe right here.