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I created this space for you - and all of those who need a space to breathe in and breathe out. No matter what you are, a working person or a homemaker,you need help in many different ways. At home, when you have to take care of zillions of chores, iron out difficult issues, or find time to just be yourself, it's not easy balancing the act. Working out from my kitchen, I am here to share my experiences as a homemaker and hopefully help you be a one happy person 8 home!!! If you happen to be a Man, don't fret! My home is open to you. After all, a lady always needs great gentlemen around her to feel at home.

Kaffir Lime salmon

kaffir lime salmon 2

  My grandmother was a chef par excellence. However, as is the norm with most Indian grandmas, she didn’t pass on any recipes. That is the weirdest thing about history of Indian cooking. Few, if any, ever handed down recipes in written…

Aloo Chorchori with Nigella

aloo chchori

  As a youngster, I found train stations to be magical places. The screaming engines, swishing smoke chimneys that rose out of the beasts that pulled the beautiful red, blue, green bogies, beats of footsteps as people jogged, ran, walked, limped to…

A saturday morning shake

shake magic

Apples. How do most people see apples? A juicy fruit that is a fountain of nutrition, glamorous enough to lead Adam (of Eve fame) astray, quirky enough to become Steve Job’s muse, handy enough to be tucked into the purse…

Paneer tikka lababdar

Paneer Tikka

I have just started Instagramming. For someone who is social media savvy, I am quite a slouch when it comes to using visual platforms. I’m learning. One of the pictures (the one above) that became an instant hit was a…

Spinach cheese balls curry

spinach balls in a gravy plate

Junior has signed up for drama club and the first play he is doing is the timeless Wizard of Oz. He is quite proud on having been selected and is pretty sincere on attending all the rehearsals. He plays a…

Avocado breakfast sliders

Breakfast slider

The winter vacation went by in a whirl. White whirl to be precise. Lots of snow, lots of indoor activities and not much of a vacation. My older one finished his marathon robot building project for his Robotics competitive club.…