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  • Method of Shaping brows: Eyebrow Threading vs Waxing

    As a Threading artist who is also equally adept at waxing brows, I have often been questioned about the right method to shape the arches that frame the windows to the soul - eyes. The two most popular methods of shaping...
  • BeautyMint by Jessica Simpson review (Photos)

    Jessica Simpson teamed up with celebrity Skin care expert Nerida Joy to develop a personalized skin care system called BeautyMint in 2011 . Six months back, I signed onto it. I filled out a form which gathered information about my...
    Beautimint by Jessica Simpson
  • Three easy steps to homemade 'Pomegranate Peel-off' mask

    Did you know you can make peel off mask at home?Peel off masks are extremely effective in providing instant radiance. A good peel off mask exfoliates and provides nutrients at the same time.Today I am going to show...
    Pomegranate Peel off mask
  • Chemical Peel - is it right for you?

    Last week, a dear friend and client called in to ask if Chemical Peel was right for her acne scarred skin. It is a question I have been asked often enough.Should you go for a chemical peel? It is...
    Chemical Peel
  • 5 easy 'hand care' tips for the summer

    Do you feel ashamed of your hands? Have you looked at them lately and thought “wish there was something I could do to improve its look"?Beautiful hands raise confidence. They also accessorize your look like nothing else...
    Hand care
  • 10 snazzy beauty quick fix ideas for travel

    Ever run out on something while travelling and felt at loss on what to do next? Well, look around you, and you will be surprised how much resource you already have on hand that you can use in quick...
    Travel Tips by Minnie
  • Art of packing light – Travel Tips for a Beautiful You

    Travel light, travel light, travel light – from husbands to airliners, few seem to understand that a woman needs her beauty tools no matter what the whys and the where’s of the travel are. It’s becoming...
    Travel Tips
  • Look Glamorous On The Go!

    You need to look your best, time is short and you really want to ‘make a killing’, in a manner of speaking.It can be tad hard, but not impossible, to achieve a super-hot look without...
    Look Glamorous in Minutes
  • Quick and easy ‘get ready for party’ tips

    You just spent a whole day at work, and now you have to go to this great party. While you did want to catch a shut eye for few minutes to freshen up, you couldn’t quite manage it...
    Quick 'get ready for party' tips
  • Pomegranate Marvel

    This is the season for pomegranates, one of the best-looking fruits one can find sitting pretty on the supermarket shelves. Once you cut it open, the translucent ruby seeds look back at you invitingly. That the rich succulent...

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