My Favorite Stops

It’s now been a month that I have been sailing around the world of bloggers and getting to know the proverbial candy store that it is for an average blogger, foodie, style or beauty aficionado or the advise seeker. I am already discovering my favorite pit stops. My day isn’t complete unless I have visited these places at least once in a day. The list isn’t that long yet, but I’ll keep adding as I find more and more places to connect and maybe get to know the person behind the blog.

Kitchen Riffs

Not Quite Nigella

Holtly Spiced

Masala Herb

Just One Cookbook

Go Bake Yourself

Coffee and Crumpets

The Hungry Goddess

Chef in Disguise

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1 comment for “My Favorite Stops

  1. Louise
    March 9, 2014 at 4:05 AM

    Hey Minnie, I followed you from Helene (Masala Herb)’s site, and was interested. I have never cooked Bengali food, nor tried it, but will check it out soon, busy right now with daughter’s exams. Also we are on the Lenten diet, which is vegetarian. So perhaps, next month, I can start trying the non veg portion and will start soon with the veg part. Thanks, Louise.

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